100 Million on Welfare, Not Including Corporations

100 Fifteen million people are receiving welfare (I just found this ‘statistic’ amusing) because the political-industrial complex destroyed the economy. It wasn’t ‘the people,’ it was special interest groups. How could anybody blame the victims?

I wish we had a system that could actually allow most individuals to sustain themselves, but we don’t. We have a government, supposedly by the people and for the people, that steals our collective wealth, gives it to failed corporations, and then shames the serfs for being too ‘needy.’ A truly free market rejects the concept of ‘too big to fail’ and is based on social and civic cooperation.

I don’t like the idea of tax and spend liberalism, and once we get out of this mess, I’d like to see TRUE welfare reform in the hopes that one day we can make it unnecessary altogether, but in the meantime I guess the hungry should just eat the rich, since nobody wants to feed them. I wonder if there were calls to abolish soup kitchens during the depression.

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