Of Morons & Monsters (Warning: Graphic Images)

R. Scott Moxley over at OC Weekly posted this video on Navel Gazing as a very good example of how never to treat an animal. I watched it in its entirety as a woman slapped her dog repeatedly in the face for over two and a half minutes in what seemed to be some sort of demented training exercise, but in watching it I realized something: this woman’s not a monster, she’s just a moron. And yes, there is a distinction (but please, still feel free to report her to the SAPD or a local humane society)!

Political correctness runs amok again –

While doing research on this topic I stumbled upon an OC Register story about another animal abuser named Joe Deiss. The article summary reads: ‘Video shows man tossing pets in air, snake squeezing life from rabbit.’

After reading the arrest warrant, Judge Berenson said: “It’s pretty hard to view this as minimal or nonserious. It involves animals dying and animals being paralyzed with broken backs,” he said. “Any person should know better.”

The judge is absolutely right. Any person should know better than to use real animals in a video depicting pet abuse. It strips the funny right out to know an animal was being harmed during its making. However the judge is also 100% wrong in his characterization of ‘animals dying and animals being paralyzed with broken backs.’ Despite the abuse of two rabbits, none of the animals were injured. In fact the Register followed up on the story two days later saying, ‘According to Anaheim Police Sgt. Rick Martinez, the pug is alive and the two rabbits seen on the video, which were purchased from a feeder store, were fed to a snake,’ so even though young Joe Deiss was careless, stupid, and callous, his treatment of his feeder rabbits, not his pets, is only questionably criminal. He, like the woman in Moxley’s video, is also just a moron who for some reason thought he was funny.

What’s my point, you ask? Well, does it strike anybody else as being a little convenient that the Santa Ana PD doesn’t want to prosecute the moron in its jurisdiction, but the moron in Yorba Linda (Deiss) is facing jail time and a lifetime ban on pet ownership as prescribed by law for abusing animals that were far from pets?

If you guessed that there was meddling by PETA, give yourself a gold star. Anyone who knows me at all knows that I’m an animal lover to the point of having a Siberian Husky head tattoo, a dog, and four cats, but these are the ‘meat is murder’ people and I’m a girl who loves her Carne Asada. Sure, it’s easy to get sucked into the emotional flood that comes with watching either of these morons in action, but remember that PETA’s extremist nutjobs are counting on it. They don’t want justice, they want blood, and they have no problem making a teenage moron an example. I’m not saying he shouldn’t be punished, but let’s put things in perspective, shall we?

Where was PETA to teach snake owners the most humane feeding techniques? Do they go to pet stores and educate the public? Do they offer training classes? Do they operate any outreach at all? While they do nothing to prevent this type of behavior, nothing to show these morons what to do, believe you me, they’ll come at you hard after the fact, especially if an animal dies. Does that bring these poor little bunnies back? Of course not. And it shouldn’t. That’s why they’re called ‘feeders.’

What we need is for everyone to take a deep breath and realize PETA’s ultimate M.O. as a political organization. If they had their way, we’d all be reduced to eating tofu, bread, and water exclusively. That’s right, they want us all to be Vegan (are you paying attention globalists?), so they’re not beyond exaggerating charges against a 19 year old for feeding rabbits to snakes in an effort to make their point. What makes this even more insidious is that Deiss did abuse the animals beforehand, and really, who wants to stick up for that? But again, there is a difference between morons and monsters and PETA is counting on you to not know the difference and put our society onto their slippery slope.

Ladies and gentlemen: to see truly sadistically abused animals, the victims of actual monsters, those with no conscience and a sociopathic bent, check out this YouTube video. The owners of these animals should never be allowed to own pets and you bet they should do lots of jail time. Watch slides of emaciated house pets, horses, and the like, with broken limbs and sad faces. Imagine the abuse that they suffered, because these animals weren’t owned by morons too dumb to realize that they shouldn’t slap dogs like rag dolls or ‘Hail Mary’ rabbits across the yard, especially when in public or on videotape. These animals were owned by real monsters, the scourge of humanity, members of the ‘Future Serial Killers Club,’ and of course, Michael Vick.


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